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Glass Daddy offers professional residential glass replacement services in Central Oregon and beyond. We love giving people a better view from their homes by replacing their broken or foggy windows and doors. Aside from that, we also help with other window-related, sliding door-related, or other fixtures that have issues in your home!

Our company has five things we stand by and are proud of. Just remember that when you hear about our company, we will give you the best G-L-A-S-S for your home!

So if you are looking for a team to do the glass-related work for your home, we are just a phone call away!

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Window Glass Installation

GREAT Quality

Our glass is great quality. High quality means that you are less likely to have recurring problems with your glass.


Just like the saying, go big or go home, Glass Daddy likes to go large. This means that we make sure that our work, our services, and our technicians are the best.

We are ABLE

When you choose to work with our business, you are sure to get the highest quality available on the market. We are able to deliver over and beyond what you expect and we see to it that the team works to finish every job well.

Our team is SELF-RELIANT

Our Glass Daddy team is reliable, independent, and quick! We will get in and out and get the job done. You will not have to wonder when and what is going on - communication and expectations are set from the beginning.


We sincerely want the best for your home Know that with Glass Daddy, we want to make you the happy and satisfied with your results. We will not waste your time, money, and resources!